Council in spending cut pledge on jobs and services
12th November 2010
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Cheshire West and Chester Council Chiefs believe that it could be December before they are able to assess the full impact of Government cuts on West Cheshire.

Then, it is expected that details of central grants to each local authority will be made known through the Governments Formula Spending announcement.

The authority expects that its robust programme of efficiencies will help mitigate the effects of the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) which announced an average 7.1% overall reduction to Local Government.

Since its inception in April 2009, the Council has shed 1,100 jobs, saved £43m and re-invested £8m in front-line services.

Reserves are deliberately high at £19.5m; and the Council has already budgeted for a 10% reduction and contingency plans are in place to deal with varied levels of funding loss.

Said, Chief Executive, Steve Robinson: “Whilst 7.1% a year is an average figure and may not apply to West Cheshire, we believe that actions already taken could help us mitigate the CSR recommendations – but we will certainly not be unaffected.

Added, the Chief Executive: “When the results of the Formula Spending announcement are known – probably the first week in December – we will go away and carefully study the fine detail before making any decisions.

“There will be no knee-jerk reaction.

“Dependent, of course, on the level of cuts we have to make, the Council will do everything possible to protect jobs and front-line services that matter to people.”


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