Coalition government brave new world? Not for accident victims!
7th June 2010
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In this first Newsletter since the General Election, which delivered what is rather curiously described as “a hung Parliament” – something that many Commentators found attractive in the aftermath of the Expenses scandals, moat cleaning, duck houses etc – it is appropriate to reflect on where the Government stands on the issue of Access to Justice.

Oliver & Co operating from its offices on Watergate Street Chester (and from Heswall on Wirral) have specialist Solicitors able to fight Claims for people who have:
• Been injured as a Driver or Passenger in a Road Traffic Accident;
• Been injured as a result of a slip, trip or fall;
• Been injured as a result of an accident at work;
• Been injured due to Medical/Clinical Negligence;
• Suffered from any one of a wide range of Industrial Diseases;

In relation to Clinical Negligence Claims Legal Aid remains an option for those seeking legal advice as to the merits of a Claim and, thereafter to pursue such a Claim. Legal Aid was withdrawn many years ago in relation to all other Personal Injury claims and is unlikely ever to be restored.
In all other cases, the widely publicised “No Win No Fee” arrangement can be used. This more accurately consists of a Conditional Fee Agreement.  Our Specialist Teams can advise you on all these matters and ensure your Claim is properly investigated ensuring you gain maximum Compensation.
Why not contact us on 0870 471 9852 and ask for a Free 30 minute Consultation?

The main reason is that our Lawyers specialise in the wide variety of Claims that make up this complex area of the Law.
We fight Claims for you and act only for accident victims – we do not act for Insurance Companies. The Lawyers in charge of these specialist Teams are

• David Owen & Kay Cook (Directors of Oliver & Co) for the whole Personal Injury Department;
• Linda Schermer - Clinical Negligence Team. Her previous career experience as a Doctor gives her unrivalled expertise in this area of the Law;

• Alison Pepper - Road Traffic Accident Team;

• David Owen – Industrial Disease Team;

More information can be obtained by visiting:

The media often criticise Solicitors who deal with Personal Injury work but, at the end of the day, if you suffer injury through no fault of your own and, we can establish that someone else was at fault then why should you not receive compensation? The person you are claiming against will inevitably have insurance in place to pay you compensation and there is no reason why you should feel that you are doing something you should not!

So if you sustained injury within the last three years, through no fault of your own get advice from the specialists – contact Oliver & Co today for Free Initial Advice.

Oliver & Co Personal Injury Help Line 0870 471 9852

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