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21st September 2011
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Sometimes the media can lead us to the wrong direction in achieving goals. Here are a couple of quick tips, which you can implement to your exercise and lifestyle regime to help you towards the right direction.

Set a deadline when you want to achieve your goals

It’s important to set an actual date to when you want to achieve your goals. As there is a date to focus on, you make sure your doing it, than saying your going to do it but ends up till next week, next month, next year, then year after. I highly recommend setting goals so you know what you are trying to achieve by then.  Fancy bit of a challenge why not get your family and friends to do it with you, have a competition and see who gets the best results by a certain date.

What to eat and drink

Water is your best options, keeps you hydrated, full of minerals you need to have a healthy functional body. You should aim at 2 liters a day minimum.

If you drink alcohol – Then you should give Alcohol a rest for the next 8 weeks let your body recover. You’ll be surprised how quickly the weight drops, you’ll feel more energetic; your skin will look a lot better and your general health will vastly improve! Our bodies was not designed to drink alcohol, look out for future articles and I will explain further details why alcohol is not good for our systems.

Teas and coffees I want you to replace this with flavored tea for example peppermint, lemon and ginger and many more – give your body a rest from the caffeine you’ll be surprise how much better you feel after a weeks. Give it a go and see what you think.

High protein nutrition plan is crucial for firing your metabolism.  Look at balancing each of your meals and snacks with 45% Protein, 35% Carbohydrates (Vegetables) none of the starchy carbohydrates for example white rice, white pasta, potato and 20% Oils/Fats – good quality fats from meats, oils or any type of nuts which are not roasted or salted.

Exercise in the morning

There are plenty of benefits why exercising in the morning is a fantastic time to exercise, it releases endorphin and put’s your mind and body in a higher state of focus.
Your Cortisol (stress) levels peak in the morning allowing you to burn off more calories throughout the day. When stress levels are at the highest during the day that is when you should exercise. In the evening your body’s cortisol level is at it’s lowest; this is why the evening should be spent relaxing rather than exercising.

Get to bed by 10.30PM

Sleep is underrated. The amount of times I hear people saying they stay up till midnight or even later is unbelievable. If you are serious about changing your body shape, start going to bed at 10.30pm and I explain why.  We all need about 8 hours of sleep to get the natural sleep cycle. Linking with Cortisol when it is at it’s lowest we need to relax and sleep. For the first 4 hours of sleep our body is at the physical repair stage, so if you are exercising it’s important to sleep then. After the next 4 hours is the physiological repair your mental state until you wake up at 6.30am when stress levels rise to the highest. This is why sleeping is important.

These tips will help you in good stead by incorporating them into your health and fitness regime. Good Luck!

Chris Chan is the Founder and Owner of CC Personal Training. To contact Chris on this subject or how he can help you email or visit our website


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