Chris Chan ( Personal Trainer ) explains how alcohol can adversely affect our body
15th August 2011
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The Poison we put into our body! Alcohol Friend or Foe

I was thinking what to call the title of this subject and come to a conclusion to call it poison.

Many people drink to wind down after a hard day, parties, or with a meal. But what is actually happening to our bodies and how would it affect you.

But before I get to explain why I call alcohol poison and how it affects you. I want to get out a rant in my views. I absolutely hate it when media comes out with drinking 1 or 2 glasses of wine a day is good for your heart etc. Absolutely rubbish!  These people who usually write this doesn’t know how our body system works, side effects on the long run, how it affects hormonal system, mood, lethargic, cardiovascular disease, fat storing and many more. 

To support my views here is why:

• Anyone who says alcohol is good is only because of the grapes or source material not the alcohol.

• Beer 50 years ago had some nutrition benefits but nowadays beer hops are grown on poor soils, giving minimal nutritional value.

• Light beer aren’t good either they are most likely to have chemicals added, which isn’t good for the body.

• Alcohol is a simple chemical structure making it easy to be absorbed by the stomach and small intestines. Research has shown it affect the liver to produce energy. It may also drastically cause blood sugar level to hypoglycemia especially if you consume with an empty stomach.  An example will be in a restaurant first thing they’ll offer is alcohol. Alcohol has added sugar so this would raise your blood sugar levels. This is when insulin will come and bring your sugar level down into hypoglycemia, which will make you feel extremely hungry when you’re ordering the food.

• Having alcohol on an empty stomach can block absorption of several vitamins and minerals, which can lead to LEAKY GUT SYNDROME – doesn’t sound nice does it.

• If you were planning to exercise the next day after drinking alcohol, you might as well forget it because your body will not be working correctly to function and you might feel rubbish from that yesterday drinking.

To burn fat you have to give the alcohol a miss during the period. We have a wonderful organ called the liver, which helps us burn fat away. But if we were to drink alcohol, our bodies aren’t use to the alcohol and the liver see it as poison and tries to burn the alcohol off first which is hard work to flush out. By the time it flushes out the liver will be knackered to burn the fat away. Now following from my previous statement with the media suggesting a glass or two a day is fine, then your liver will never burn the fat away if you was planning to shape up, if it knows you are going to treat your liver that way with alcohol. 

That’s my rant over. I’m not saying that you can’t have alcohol anymore, but have it in moderation, cut it down to just special occasions, that is what I’ve got my personal training clients to do and they’ve seen huge results, high energy, skin is clearer. By leaving to just special occasions they’ve realise that alcohol doesn’t taste that nice anymore, and they notice how it affects them the next day.

My conclusion alcohol is foe, for most of the time daily drinks are out of the question. At special occasions you can treat yourself but remember to eat before you drink otherwise LEAKY GUT SYNDROME!

Chris Chan is the Founder and Owner of CC Personal Training. To contact Chris on this subject or how he can help you email or visit our website


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