Chris Chan, member of thebestofchester, explains why diets don’t work!
9th August 2011
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I am frustrated! Why? Nowadays with these so called diets books out in the market and the power of advertising, there are huge amount of diet theories out there which are sending the wrong message and don’t work! One diet does not suit all! Remember that is vital we all aren’t the same we react differently to each other with what we eat.

I’ll give an overview on why they don’t work.

1. Have you ever tried or seen people who has been on a diet, what happens is they lose the weight but when they come off it, after a short while of time they’ll just put the weight back on and usually surpass their previous weight. The reason behind this most diet books out there are restricted calories, which help them lose weight initially, but other things which hasn’t been taken into consideration, the amount of good quality macronutrients and micronutrients they aren’t eating enough of, can affect the system in your inner organs if certain nutrients are taken away e.g. Mood swings, lethargic, poor immune system. Never restrict calories is my advice.

2. Though most dieters lose the weight, are they losing it healthily?  Some cases people actually lose muscle mass than fat as they are ignoring exercise. Exercise is key, I have seen in the past that people go on diets and never exercise, how are you going to help the body to burn fat, if your not moving about. Us human’s are designed to move! But we have become one of the laziest people around compared to caveman’s who would be moving around, chasing animals for food etc. I even find people say 45 minutes workout tough for them to fit in. This is down to organising your day better or being plain lazy – I know that might sound harsh.  But an intense 45 minutes 4 times a week is all you need to change your body shape.  

3. Crash dieting this just tells me your impatient with time. It is like saying, the best expression would be the hare burns itself out and the tortoise crossing the finish line will win in the long run. In changing body shape you can’t rush at it, the body takes time changing at it’s own pace.
Here are some cases with what would happen from crash dieting or restricting calories: -

• Skipped meal can raise stress hormones, the body then responds and releases to glycogen (carbohydrates) to the blood stream to raise blood sugar levels. Your body will think it’s in a life-threatening situation.
• Anytime you miss a meal your body increases the release of lipogenic (fat storing) enzymes, which will decrease lipolytic or fat burning enzymes. 

If you been on a diet before and lost weight, you have likely lost a lot of muscle mass. Remember muscles help your metabolism increase to burn fat.

Thanks to the food manufacturer industry and media, most people gain weight eating incorrectly, not because they’re eating too much.

What should you do now?
Go for a balanced diet as mentioned on my previous articles focus on having 45% Protein, 35% Carbohydrates (Vegetables) none of the starchy carbohydrates for example white rice, white pasta, potato and 20% Fats – good quality fats. Do it the healthy way for the bodyfat to come off and keep your body functioning correctly!
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