Chris Chan explains what we need to do to avoid bad stresses
8th September 2011
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We all experienced it before stress! It’s either stress from stuck in a traffic jam, late for work, credit crunch, paying bills, waking up late and so on.  But there are more stress points than you might realise and could be affecting your health and fitness goals. Today I’ll go through into detail with these different types of stresses, which you can help alter to improve with your wellbeing.

We have six types of stresses they are: -

1. Physical Stress
2. Chemical Stress
3. Electromagnetic Stress
4. Mental Stress
5. Nutritional Stress
6. Thermal Stress

I’ll now show you all the types of stresses how they can be bad first then I’ll show how you can produce good stress.

Lets take a look at the different types of stress when they are bad.

Mental Stress – So this is one that we all would notice in our lives, we’ll say life is stressed out with work, financial, trying to be punctual and taken on too much work on, will lead your mind in thinking too much, this can affect your hormones to react differently if you are put into this situation.

Physical Stress – comes from over-exercising can just be as bad as not exercising. So if you exercise 7 times a week and not taking any rest this can lead to suppression of the immune system, which will make you, feel extremely fatigued. Another physical stress will be down to poor posture; this can influence poor areas in the following breathing, muscle function, joint health, circulation and internal organs.

Chemical Stress – Today we have thousands of chemicals with synthetic manufacture medical drugs for example such as aspirin, are among forms of unfavourable chemical stress, which our body find it hard to break them down. Other chemical stress involves pollution with transport and agricultural chemical sprays pesticides, herbicides, fungicides etc. These are linked to forms of health problems.  

Electromagnetic Stress overexposure of sunlight or low frequency electronic devices such as, computers, TV, electric blanket, Mobiles being around you. All these have affects to us causing our body to react differently. My tip to help this problem if you aren’t using something electrical switch it off completely, it’ll save you money and make you feel healthier a win – win.

Nutritional stress – eating too much or too little or wrong food proportions, foods where there might be toxins colouring, emulsifiers, pesticides, herbicides, and food preservatives are very stressful to the body. This stress is possibly the worst out the lot to cause diseases.

The stresses above can lead to: -

• Fat around midsection
• Belly Fat
• Poor Memory
• Deteriorating bone structure
• Hypothyroid
• Frequent infections
• Poor blood sugar regulations

These types of stress will make you fat and unhealthy, giving you a poor overall health. You need to avoid these types of stresses for a healthier lifestyle.

Now lets look at altering them into good stresses!

Mental Stress – Thinking and using your mind productively represents good mental strength. Planning or setting goals in life and doing the work to achieve them is good stress. Becoming a stronger and better person is another example.

Physical Stress – Adequate movement and exercise helps us maintain optimal metabolism, keeping us from being overweight.

Chemical Stress – When our body are functioning correctly we produce chemicals that are essential for our health it will support our needs. For example sunlight produces vitamin D when working correctly.

Electromagnetic Stress – Sunlight is an electromagnetic stress. Without sunlight we wouldn’t be alive. Sunlight helps control the rhythm of our hormones and other physiological functions.

Nutritional Stress – Eating organic foods without any toxins and not over or under eating are all representatives of good nutritional stress. Fresh organic fruit & vegetables and meat will put you towards the right direction. 

This article will hopefully give you a better insight what you need to do and avoid bad stresses. Most of all is be confident and happy about your life.  

Chris Chan is the Founder and Owner of CC Personal Training. To contact Chris on this subject or how he can help you email or visit our website


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