Chris Chan explains the best food to eat for a healthy living lifestyle
23rd August 2011
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I always get asked what is the best food to eat for a healthy living lifestyle.  Here are my answers.

1. We all should treat our body like a car. If you want your car to run properly you need to put in the right fuel. For example let say the car is our body and we run on petrol if you was to feed the car with diesel then it won’t work same applies for our body. If we was to eat fast food (diesel) like McDonalds, Burger King, KFC and many others our body wouldn’t be functioning correctly which can lead to sluggish, dull, moody and tiredness effects.
We should be eating free-range organic food, it is like saying if I put good quality fuel into my body and will be functioning correctly than rubbish food costing less than £5 can do so much damage to us. I highly recommend you go to to buy your meat and veg. 
2. We run our fuel like a supercar! So we burn our fuel very quickly especially good quality food. So you need to eat and snack every 2 – 3 hours, keep your portion sizes similar and eat till you feel settled and never splurge on big meals. If you are one of those people who thinks I’ll leave 5-hour or even longer gaps before the next meal, so I won’t put on weight are completely WRONG! As you leave big gaps your body releases lipogenic enzymes (fat storing), which is not what you, want, decreasing your lipolytic enzymes (fat burning). Your body will just burn your muscles off and you will be left with your flabby self if you were to carry on like this.

I hope these tips help you understand more efficient ways to achieve the body you want a lot better.  Remember better quality food will improve your health and wellbeing and achieving goals drastically quicker!

Chris Chan is one of Chester’s leading Personal Trainers if you would like to contact Chris on this topic contact him via or visit our website


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