Chris Blythe Interior Design shares with us 6 golden rules when you are selling your house
24th October 2011
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I hope you benefit from my ' Tips for the Trade' for houseowners who are moving home :

1 Identify the correct target market and Estate Agent - Remember to get three valuations and understand the cost implications, ask where your property will be marketed and how constructive and proactive they will be in selling your home. Remember you have choice !and proactive they will be in selling your home. Remember you have choice !

2 You must declutter – the ultimate and most important ‘tip’ to any would - be vendor.  Most people dream of a ‘lifestyle’ imagining themselves in your home, so get rid of family pictures, ornaments and posters! Declutter, less is more, large pieces of furniture that overwhelm a room should be put into storage.  Hide all kitchen gadgets, newspaper bins and laundry.  The best policy is to get a ‘second pair of eyes’ to view your home realistically giving you honest feed back.

3 Clean Up which is generally -  the most cost effective tip.  Pay attention to bathroom and kitchen areas, they must be spotless, clean windows inside and out, and if you do need to freshen up, a coat of paint in a neutral shade will work wonders to tired rooms.  If you need to re-grout or re-tile a tired bathroom, do it ! Take down heavy drapes at the windows, use dress curtains if a budget does not allow for replacements.  And of course the outside areas and garden are the first impression a viewer will have, we are judged on what they see outside !

4 Valuation and Selling Price - Do be realistic about your valuation, what you consider to be the best price may not be to the buyer, remember they have boundless choices, a lower price may indeed give you a quick sale and don’t forget you can then barter with your next house purchase.

5 Preparing for viewings – It isn’t rocket science, but first impressions count and you need to prepare not only your home but, your script and tour around your home.  Leave the pets with neighbours and if you have children make sure they are either well behaved or out with family and friends. The house should be warm, quiet and appealing.  A welcoming front garden and hall should be inviting, no need to put the coffee on and fresh bread in the oven, the public are akin to these ‘old tips’ and would be more than happy to enter a home that doesn’t smell of last nights curry or smoke !

6 Finally, enjoy the viewing, don’t overload them with detail - never point out the bad points such as noisy neighbours or a leaky tap, highlight on the bonuses such as a south facing garden and the many happy BBQs you have had, the good local schools and convenient parking.  Offer another tour around the property on their own, make yourself available for further questions and let them create their imagination, remember you are selling not only your home but a ‘lifestyle’.

You are welcome to contatc Chris Blythe for more advice.

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