Businesses are being urged to embrace modern PR methods and encourage sociability
9th September 2011
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Businesses are being urged to embrace modern PR methods and encourage sociability amongst their key target audience after a recent study revealed that the relationship between money and happiness has weakened.

According to research carried out by The Communications Agency, money does not buy as much 'happiness' today as it did 25 years ago. The current economic climate receives a portion of the blame with products and services becoming more expensive despite individuals having less money to spend.

The study shows that people would rather spend their money with brands that focus on sociability than those that put their efforts into making their product desirable at any cost.

Businesses that have employed new techniques to keep their customers engaged have seen valuable results. Putting on small events, arranging flash mobs and using social media platforms are amongst methods used to encourage sociability and create a sense of 'happiness' amongst consumers.

Nicki Spindler, Managing Director at Freer PR, said: “Social forms of marketing can add real value to a brand. Businesses can no longer just rely on providing high quality products and services to keep their customers happy, they need to engage with clients across a variety of platforms and show that they understand how important sociability is. We’ve seen a huge increase in businesses asking us for help with creating social media strategies to improve their PR communication with their customers. This demonstrates the focus businesses are now putting on sociability.”

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