Your Checklist of New Bathroom Accessories
20th November 2015
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A nice new bathroom is a wonderful thing.  It’s great to see such a functional room all shiny and new in the style you’ve dreamt of for so long.  You’ve installed the perfect sink, toilet, shower and/or bath and that lovely heated towel rail. 

The room looks spotless and ready for use, but it is a functional room and you’ll need to populate it with accessories.  It’s a room of perfection and the last thing you want is to fill it with clutter, so what items are needed to help you keep it clean, tidy and practical? 


Towels – A simple tip when buying towels is to buy only what you’ll use.  This reduces the amount of storage space you’ll need.  It’s good to have a few in reserve, whilst others are being washed, but other than that, they are not easy to store.  Towels are a great way to introduce colour into your bathroom too.  Bathroom’s can be quite stark with white or cream sinks and toilets and glass showers.  To warm them up, it’s great to choose brightly coloured towels if your walls are also white, cream or grey.  Alternatively, if your walls are the bright colour, then go for white or black towels as a contrast. 

Holders and Hooks – So, what are you keeping in your bathroom that’s functional.  One item will be toilet paper, so you’ll need a hanger or dispensing device for it.  There are a couple of options here, if your toilet is next to a wall, there’s the option of a wall mounted hanger.  However, this doesn’t solve the problem of storing the ‘spare’ rolls.  If you’re limited on space, there are some great toilet roll holders that sit on the floor and store up to four rolls neatly.  Will you have bath robes in the bathroom? A couple of hooks fitted on the back of the door save bath robes from being strewn over cupboards or thrown over the side of the bath once removed.  And finally, you need a hook or wall hanger for your hand towel.  This needs to be located near the sink for easy access. 

Dispensers & Dishes – Keep it tidy around the basin can be tricky.  What with soaps, tooth brushes, toothpaste, razors, lotions and potions, this area can get really cluttered.  This is when tops start to be left off creams and toothpastes and the surface around the basin gets grimy with dried up soap and cream.  It’s worth keeping holders or cups for your toothbrushes and also for shaving equipment too.  Soap dishes are great for capturing the wet soap suds, as they’re easy to swill.  However, many of us opt for liquid soap these days too and there are some very stylish dispensers on sale for these.


These ideas can even help you de-clutter your existing bathroom, but if a new bathroom is a burning desire or practical renovation for your home, then contact Blissful Bathrooms in Cheltenham.  They can help with everything from design, installation, bathroom equipment and fitting.

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