Great Tips for Keeping Warm This Winter
23rd December 2015
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We hear it said all the time… “Wrap up warm when you go outside this winter.” We’re also told to try and stay warm in our homes, particularly those that are older.  However, the continual increases in the costs of our utility bills can cause us to try and cut corners which can result in our homes being quite a cold and chilly place to be. 

We would always advise you to keep up to date with the servicing of your boiler and central heating maintenance; it’s certainly more economical in the long term to ensure that these are in full working order and Ian Godwin can help you with this in Cheltenham.  However, here are a few additional tops tips to help you keep warm this winter.


Shop Around for Energy Suppliers – If you have been with your current supplier for a while, you may not be getting the best deal for your gas and electric.  Research other suppliers to see what their prices are, but if you’re using web sites such as or uSwitch, then make sure you tick all the boxes that are applicable to you, so that you get a true indication of the savings you can make.

Block the Drafts – Drafts find a way into your home through gaps in the doors, windows and keyholes.  Blocking these places, where possible, can help exclude the draft and therefore maintain the heat in your rooms, meaning your heating system doesn’t have to work so hard (which in turn will save you money).  You can use self adhesive foam tape to block gaps in the windows and you can buy or make draft excluders to block the gaps beneath the doors.  To make them, use old pillow cases with stuffing from old pillows, odd socks or old tights etc.

Let Heat Flow Around the House – When you’re trying to keep warm in one room, it’s tempting to shut other rooms off.  However, you can make use of the heat from rooms to heat the house.  For example, if you have the oven on in the kitchen, keep the door open to the lounge to allow it to take on some of the heat from the kitchen.  Also, if you’re running a bath or shower in the bathroom, leave the bathroom door open to allow the heat from the water to spread around the house too.

Move Furniture – During the colder months make sure that furniture is not placed directly in front of the radiators.  For example, if your sofa is set up straight in front of a large radiator in your living room, perhaps move this to another wall or forwards to let the heat into the room.

Close The Doors on Unused Rooms – If there are rooms in the house that you don’t use very often then shut them down for the winter.  Simply switch off the radiator, close the door and block any possible drafts.  This again will save you money on heating the home using your central heating, because there will be less radiators for it to keep warm.


For more home winter warmer tips and for all the assistance you’ll need to service and maintain your boilers and central heating speak to Ian Godwin in Cheltenham, recommended for customer service, reliability and experience.

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