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Fancy Chinese?
Fancy Chinese?
Well prepared, nicely presented, freshly cooked and served food in a friendly environment is the mark of a fine restaurant. Add to that delightful Chinese cuisine, fresh vegetables and the flair of a fine chef team and you have a top quality Chinese restaurant. 288 Bar and Wok is a simply perfect example of a well run Chinese restaurant that prides itself on getting the freshly cooked food onto your table as quickly as possible to ensure your fine dining pleasure.
The major holiday festival in China is upon us as 19th February marks the start of the Chinese New Year.
While it has long been established that Japanese food has considerable health benefits, Chinese cuisine has been overlooked. What’s more, the ingredients used in Chinese cooking are far more readily available than some of those that feature in Japanese recipes.
The Channel 4 hit show Come Dine With Me is back for a new daytime series and it is to be here in Cheltenham. Would you like to try?
The International Street market with its ‘continental’ ambience will be in the Promenade from Thursday 1st-Monday 5th May.
Add a taste of Europe to your shopping trip this weekend on the Promenade!
Butterware is delighted to announce the launch of Cheltenham lunchtime favourite Scoffers’ new online ordering system!
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