What is the perfect mirror for you?
16th February 2016
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As a bathroom essential, a mirror is an important feature of your bathroom. So, picking the perfect mirror is definitely important! 

A cabinet mirror: 

A cabinet mirror is the perfect solution for those of you who struggle with storage space! A cabinet mirror will give you the ability to utilise the space within your bathroom, making the bathroom look elegant and tidy. (Tip: ensure you have enough space for the cabinet mirror to fit on the wall!)

Shadow Box or Ledge:

If there isn't enough room in your bathroom for the cabinet mirror, a shadow box or ledge mirror is definitely a worthy alternative. There is space at the bottom of the mirror for all types of bathroom essentials from toothbrushes to shampoo! 

LED mirror: 

LED mirrors are stand out mirrors in bathrooms, these mirrors are perfect for those of you who love applying their make up or shaving in front of the bathroom mirror. LED mirrors are common in Hollywood! (Tip: Remember you will need a power source!)

Extension or swing arm:

Extendable mirrors are the perfect solution if you are struggling for space in your bathroom, these mirrors are extremely convenient and will extend out when and where you need your mirror.

Radiator mirror:  

The radiator mirror in your bathroom will not only provide your bathroom with the much needed printer, but also provide your bathroom with the heat, perfect for the winter nights. 

Frameless mirrors:

A frameless mirror gives a sophisticated look to your bathroom, whilst taking up less room than a framed mirror, it will certainly suit a modern bathroom. 


To find out more about bathroom mirrors and the choices available to you and the perfect solution for your bathroom, please contact Blissful Bathrooms here. 


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