Tips for planning your new bathroom
30th April 2015
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First, establish who is using the bathroom and what your needs are for the space. Ok, that’s highly obvious, but getting this firmly fixed before you get carried away will help you end up with a bathroom that is functional for your needs rather than one that looks great but isn’t very user friendly. If the main users of the bathroom are a couple then you may be able to get away with a double shower and no bath but if you have people who regularly come to stay with small children, this wouldn’t work. Also take into consideration what your needs could be in the future as you don’t want to be changing your bathroom after a few short years because that spectacular bath is all very well and good, but you now can’t get into it and can’t have a bath lift installed because it’s too fancy.

Once you’ve established current and future needs, you then need to work how much money you realistically can spend on the refit. Bathrooms come in a range of prices so there will be something you can have but remember to factor in installation costs. If you’ve got someone in the family capable of installing it for you then you’ll be able to spend more on the suite and tiling etc. but you may have to compromise if you have to hire someone in to fit it for you.

Decide early on what style you are looking for. This makes the whole process of finding suitable items a lot easier. There are plenty of pictures on the internet and in magazines if you end up not being able to decide on a style you would like. Also make sure that you are fitting in with the overall style of your house. If your other rooms are traditional in style, a really modern bathroom will look rather out of place.

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