Techniques for decorating a small bathroom
12th August 2016
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All of us want to have a cozy bathroom but we are sometimes hindered with lack of space. Thanks to modern interior designing, we can now maximize the spaces in our bathrooms without sacrificing its aesthetics. There are different ways to decorate bathrooms and still have space too! 

Keep your shower visible

The common set- up of a bathroom is for the shower to be hidden behind the shower curtain. By doing this, it creates a hindrance in continuing space that can make our bathroom look smaller. To prevent this, opt for glass door or walls for your showers instead of conventional curtains.

Keep the walls simple

It’s better to have a certain pattern or design for a bathroom floor paired with simple walls. The pattern on the floor can give an illusion of bigger space while the simple walls can complement the floor pattern, avoiding the crowding of the designs.

 Use large mirrors

Using large mirrors inside your bathroom can reflect light thus giving an illusion of bigger space. You can choose where in your bathroom you’re going to put the mirror as long as it’s not blocked by cabinets or shower curtains.

Keep windows unblocked

Windows can be good source of natural lighting which can also make the room seem bigger. Natural lighting tends to bounce off the wall and if mirrors are in place, you’ll get better reflection.

Go for oval

Rather than the popular square sink choice, try opting for an oval one. It consumes less space giving you more room for other vanity items and its shape tones down the formality that most square- shaped sinks. Installing an oval sink can give off laid- back vibe letting you more relax and enjoy your ‘me’ time at the bathroom.

Consider installing a sliding door

Conventional doors take up space when we open or leave them open but if you opted for sliding door, it will stay only one side of the wall, keeping you from any obstruction when trying to close or open it. You’ll have more walking space instead of a place where your door can be opened and closed easily.

Make the most of professional decorators

If all else fails and you still cannot fathom how you’re going to decorate your bathroom, fret not. Professional bathroom designers such as Blissful Bathrooms can definitely help you. They can supply tiles, fittings, taps, or bathroom decorations if you wish to install it yourself but they could also be the one to do it for you. The good thing about their services is you never have to worry about the planning and thinking of the design of your bathroom as they will be the one who will do the job.

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