Should I get my bathroom floor tiled?
26th May 2016
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Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your house and when upgrading or redesigning the bathroom it is important that you get it right. Having a new bathroom installed can often be deemed quite expensive, can cause quite a lot of stress in your home and is quite a big decision. Below we talk about one of the big decisions when having a new bathroom: Should I have my bathroom floor tiled?

Advantages for tiling your bathroom floor:

  1. Tiles are water resistant. This is a useful advantage in a bathroom where there is a lot of water found. Being water resistant also means that tiles on your bathroom floor are often resistant to stains too!
  2. Tiles are durable! Bathrooms are often slippery places therefore tiling the bathroom floor is often a good idea as they are strong and durable. If quality tiled floor is installed it can last in the region of 10-20 years if not longer if well maintained. Also if a single tile does crack, you are able to replace just one tile rather than the whole bathroom flooring.
  3. Tiles are easily maintained. Tiles are easy to wipe or mop!
  4. Tiles pricing can be reasonable.  As long as you choose wisely and go to the correct shops, tile prices can be reasonable.

Disadvantages of tiling your bathroom floor:

  1. Tiled flooring is very hard.  This can be a disadvantage as it is less comfortable to stand on.
  2. Tiles floors can be cold. Tiles do not hold heat very well and therefore are often found to be cold. A tiles floor can make the whole bathroom feel quite cold, especially if the bathroom is large.
  3. Laying a tiled floor. This can be a difficult job because tiles are heavy. It would be a good idea to get a professional like Blissful Bathrooms to fit a tiled floor.

If you are considering getting a new bathroom and tiling the floor, do not hesitate to contact Blissful Bathrooms in Cheltenham who will be there to assist you.

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