Health benefits of Chinese cuisine
19th November 2014
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Chinese cooking is good for tight budgets too as typically the end product goes further than many western style recipes: for example, around 350g chicken and broccoli stir-fried together and served with steamed rice will actually serve around 4-6 people whereas the same amount of chicken served western style would serve half that number!

It’s also good for the waste line as small amounts of oil (typically less than 2 tablespoons of oil/soy sauce) can be used and is often heavily reliant on vegetables and non-fatty meats. Not only that but eating with chopsticks instead of a fork or spoon may also mean that you have smaller bites which can help reduce portion size.

You can also reduce your portion sizes simply by having a broth based soup before your main meal. By doing this, your portion size could be reduced by up to 20% as a smooth soup will take longer to be digested than solid foods.

The combination of greens, meat, ginger and mushrooms will help leave you fuller for longer so although a typical bowl of rice is small, at about 100 calories, you will still be left feeling full and satisfied.

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