Do I install my new kitchen myself or hire someone to do it for me?
7th April 2015
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Having a new kitchen fitted leaves many people with mixed emotions. Whilst there is great excitement at having a brand new space to work in, the actual process of living without a kitchen while the old one is ripped out and new one put in can be highly difficult and even traumatic! When it comes to installing a new kitchen, is it worth hiring a professional to install it for you or do you give it a go and put all the flat packed components together yourself?

If it’s just a simple kitchen and you don’t need to move water, gas or electrics then you could save yourself a lot of money by doing it yourself. However, if you really are not a DIY wiz then then it would definitely be wise to get someone else in so it all goes together as smoothly as possible rather than potentially dragging on for an age as things go wrong.

It could also be a wise idea to hire someone in if the kitchen you order is a higher end one as it could well need some of it building as you put it up. If you’re an expert and are proficient with power tools and a saw then there is little problem and you could well end up sailing though. What might be a problem is if you need to move the oven, sink, washing machine or dish washer as this could mean that you have to move the utilities. While some may think that they are able to do this, it really does call for someone who knows what they are doing so that you know it’s done properly. There would be nothing worse than after having your new kitchen all freshly installed than having to have it ripped out as there was a problem with the electrics, gas or water.

At the end of the day it is completely down you to decide whether you get someone in to fit your kitchen for you or whether you go it alone and hope you have enough DIY skills and knowledge to see you through. If you decide that for you peace of mind and ease of life it might well be easier to hire some to do it for you, then why not get in contact with Windsor Plumbing today! 

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