Common Bathroom Problems During Winter
31st January 2017
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This does not exclude our bathrooms and there are signs that we can watch out for us to know if our bathroom needs an extra loving care.

Floor temperature

Ice- cold floor temperature is common among tiled bathrooms especially during winter. No one wants to get woken up by a sudden jolt of cold floor temperature when we step inside the bathroom in the middle of night. For this problem, we can install radiant floor heating underneath your tiles or flooring that can be activated during winter.


This can also happen in our bathroom where moisture is present. When condensation is present, the bathroom can become a breeding ground for molds that can wreak havoc to our bathroom fixtures as well bring hazard to our health. This can be solved by checking the ventilation system inside the bathroom to prevent condensation.

Freezing of pipe lines

Due to extreme low temperatures, its common to have our pipes freezing and makes the plumbing system weak. One of the ways to solve this is through maintenance to make sure that the heating system in our water pipes are working in perfect condition. The passing of hot water through the plumbing and water pipes will prevent the build- up of ice and the freezing of the whole plumbing.

For your bathroom maintenance needs, trust only the professional Blissful Bathrooms who has years of experience in keeping our bathrooms in its top condition. Whenever you encounter any problems in your bathroom, never hesitate to give Blissful Bathroom a call and they will surely come to your aid.

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