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12th January 2016
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The first stage for making your choice to upgrade or purchase your new bathroom is to have a think about what units that you would like in your newly renovated bathroom. This includes thinking about which type of flooring would suit your requirements. Also what your choice of wallpaper and tiling might be. Think about how you would like the finished bathroom to look. The best way would be to write your ideas down that you’re considering and take a trip into Blissful Bathrooms, they will be able to offer their expert advice to make the decision easier!

Store visit and ideas

Once you arrive in the store, your expert bathroom specialist will be able to guide you through your plan and will guide you their showroom. Other units to consider are shower enclosures if you have the room, what type of bath shape and of course any other ideas that you may have thought of.

Fitting and Installation

Blissful Bathrooms offer a full design service which means they will take out all of your old units and fit the new units. You will not have to worry about searching around for the right quote. The company offers a free no obligation quote on their service.

Finished Article

Once your new bathroom is installed you’ll be sure you have made the right choice from the moment you walked in, you’ll be glad you chose Blissful Bathrooms and used there expert advice! Click here to find out more.




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