5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Bathroom
24th May 2017
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We offer a few ideas to enable people to avoid the disasters that can await the unwary.

Don’t forget to plan, or get the professionals at Blissful Bathrooms to do that for you. A ‘to scale’ plan will consider the logistics involved to ensure that one or two people can use the bathroom at the same time, if a family must be included in the planning then more room may be needed, and if space is at a premium then planning is essential.


Avoid blocking windows, natural light is preferable where possible, storage cupboards whose doors will block light should be reconsidered. Properly installed lighting is a great boon in the bathroom especially if natural light values are low during the darker months of the year. Use mirrors to ‘bounce’ light around the bathroom, they will also make the room appear larger.


Don’t buy wall tiles until you have seen what they look like on a wall, some patterns/colours can make the space look smaller and oppressive.


The same goes for floor tiles, see examples on a large-scale to establish the overall effect, once mistakes occur the overall effect may be hard to live with. Professional advice from Blissful Bathrooms is on hand with great experience of making bathrooms beautiful.

Accessories are vital to keeping the family organised, don’t forget that all the requisite paraphernalia has to be accommodated, however, well thought out storage that is designed to suite the available space will reduce the clutter.


Planning is the key to most aspects of home living space and no less so for bathrooms, because people spend more time than ever there, and families increase the demands even more, getting the right look whilst making the space workable, and beautiful, requires specialist help.


Blissful Bathrooms have helped over 600 customers create their dream bathroom since July 2005 and has gone from strength to strength. Their showroom is in Woodmancote, close to Cheltenham town centre. The team can talk you through your ideal bathroom from start to completion by helping you to make choices and achieve a blissful bathroom.


Proprietor Wayne Stew comes from a bathroom showroom and distribution background, specializing in the supply of sanitary ware and shower enclosures to independent and national outlets, prior to establishing Blissful Bathrooms.

Blissful Bathrooms believe in offering excellent personal service to their customers, and they welcome new customers warmly.

Blissful Bathrooms are highly recommended by The Best of UK, bringing the most trusted local businesses and the community together.

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