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Love it or hate it the Eurovision song contest is back!
Why not celebrate the world famous Star Wars Day!
Happy Roald Dahl Day!
Happy Roald Dahl Day!
Celebrate one of the countries best children's Authors , Roald Dahl
Jump in with the St David's Day celebrations at Cardiff!
Put on your daffodil hats and Welsh Rugby tops, it's the day to celebrate our wonderful country
Enjoy a sensational clip from You Tube to brighten your day.
The power of sand
The power of sand
The winner of 2009 Ukraine's Got Talent is amazing. Marvel at sand art.
Suporting our troops should be all the time not just once a year on Poppy Day.
How to make a mountain out of a mole hill - take one thin story, add a journalist, wait ten minutes then produce a story...
The millenium Centre in Cardiff is truly a world beating facility. We are so lucky to have this on our door step and to attract the very best shows like The Sound of Music with Connie Fisher
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