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5th November 2009
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Is Cardiff Wales Airport doomed in the longer term?  Of course not.  There is some real hyperbole in the press these days. 

Let's examine how the doom mongers operate...BMI Baby announce cutbacks on staff and planes..ergo they must be about to cut all services from Cardiff Wales Airport ergo it must be in trouble and about to close having lost the battle of the skies with Bristol where Easy-Jet are based.

Real story - BMI are cutting back on planes and staff and the impact on Cardiff will probably be to lose one plane.  Ergo - nothing will really change.

The Airline landscape is ever changing and yes this is a change but like any business Cardiff Wales Airport will adapt to each change as they occur. So no real story then - but then that doesn't fill 24 hours news provision or column inches - twas ever thus!  When in doubt go for a dramatic twist. 

Not me.  If you have read this far like the media this blog has a limited amount of substance but my spleen needing venting!!

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