Sleet in Cardiff - time for an uplift
20th January 2010
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I was just looking out of my office window in Cardiff  and I noticed more sleet/snow.  Well, technically it is sleet as it is unlikely to settle.

It is making January a pretty miserable month.  Now in the Sound of Music we are supposed to think of our favourite things to cheer ourselves up - well, I thought I would share with you the You tube video that I find always uplifts me.

The Sound of Music in Antwerp Station.

This clip can't help but make you smile.  Not only is it a great piece of public theatre but for those passing through Antwerp Central Station that threw off their inhibitions and joined in - hats off to you. 

Life can be fun and music and dance help everyone share in that fun.

Enjoy it, if you haven't seen it!  I dare you not to enjoy it.

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