Super Josh charity put their football powers to use!
8th November 2018
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On Tuesday 6th November, Made in Bury held their 3rd annual football tournament, taking place at Play Football in Bury.

The turnout this year was amazing, with a massive 160 people from 20 local businesses coming together to battle it out for the top spot. Businesses and organisations from across a variety of sectors took part in the tournament, creating a great networking opportunity for everyone involved.

What started out as a friendly competition soon became serious once the games were under way! The first round saw each team play 4 games, giving everyone plenty of time to show off their football skills.

Following an intense round of games, and quarter-final matches, the teams going through to the semi-finals were announced, while those knocked out stuck around to mingle and eat pizza. First time competitors McDonald’s Pilsworth went head to head against Munro Greenhalgh, while the two charities, Annabelle’s Challenge, who won in 2016, and The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity (aka Super Josh), competed against each other for a place in the final.

McDonald’s Pilsworth and Super Josh came out on top, making it through to the last round, having both played 6 gruelling games! With a final score of 2-0, it was team Super Josh that took home the trophy, making them the third ever winners of the Made in Bury Football Tournament. Congratulations to The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity on your success! A certain superhero was certainly looking down on you! 

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