People Matters HR believe that learning and development matters!
1st November 2019
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Learning and Development is essential to all people who wish to progress in their careers as increased knowledge and the confidence that goes with it is empowering. Working with professional educators is the surest way to maximise one’s potential enabling you to develop your career potential.


There are fundamental foundations to learning:


Explain, skilful educators understand the stage that is reached when the urge to raise our game is more than just a notion. Accepting that one has attained a ceiling and that breaking through will enhance self-esteem, confidence, earning power and career progression is the moment that the dream can become reality. Skilful educators work with students to facilitate their learning.


Demonstrate, it is often said that ‘practice makes perfect’ but that is incorrect, or we would all be perfect drivers, actually ‘practice makes permanent’ once the technique has been demonstrated then facilitating practice is the surest way to consolidate that knowledge.


Practice, students rarely learn complex knowledge in a sitting, they learn by applying what they have been told and/or shown, and then by practicing what they have been exposed to. Skilled trainers and educators will employ techniques to aid the learning process.


Review, by reviewing progress and understanding we reinforce the learning process.


People Matter HR are a highly professional team based in Bury who develop people to deliver results, from front line personnel, individuals and people at executive level there is a programme for you.

Programmes include:

Management and leadership skills,

HR skills for managers,


Managing absence,


Performance management,


Time Management,

Plus, bespoke courses as requested.


Accredited learning, training apprenticeships and study programmes, courses

specifically designed to develop all-round confidence in managing people the courses are in conjunction with successful partners to deliver accredited learning. People Matter HR MD Niel Cope personally delivers programmes aimed at those people who have responsibility but are not trained trainers.


People Matters HR can take on the entire HR role or can work with an existing team.


The company is accredited Investors in People Associates.


The entire team at People Matters is an expert in their individual field, and have all worked at management level, their experience is vast, and they take pride in helping every client.


Find out how People Matters HR can help you today!



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