Let's talk Leadership styles with People Matters HR!
19th March 2021
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What is your Leadership style? It’s a question of Professional Management.


Managing people is skill that requires leadership and being a professional leader does make you a more valuable asset to any business. As we move toward the next stage of restoration of ‘normality’ following Covid19 managing people effectively is going to be essential for business growth and team development because healthy businesses are better suited to fast recovery and survival.


Knowing your leadership style and how you can work it to advantage is to have a powerful tool at your disposal based on clear understanding of your ability, strengths and weaknesses.


People Matters HR of Bury is the North Wests leading HR Consultancy and they have been offering leadership training for many years with very positive outcomes. To this purpose People Matters HR offer a Leadership Quiz to enable people to assess and identify their own skills and work to improve them.


Leadership and management skills are learned although they do draw on the personality and experience of the individual, knowing ones strengths and weaknesses allows one to become more effective in getting the best from the most important asset in any company, it’s people!


The three leadership styles are:


Autocratic leader,


The Autocrat is a controlling self-centred style of leader,

Who is, Dictatorial, dominating, authoritarian, dogmatic, and demoralising,

Task orientated, and often a feared figure in an organisation,

Over supervises and interferes with teams and individual tasks,

(De) Motivates by criticising team members,

Causes a lack of creative thinking and discussion, wastes talent,

Reduces moral and job satisfaction.


Democratic leader,


Team builder encouraging discussion and involvement,

Approachable, empowering,

Joint problem-solving and decision-making,

All abilities and potential used, creative thinking encouraged,

Empathetic interaction, breeds loyalty,

Team feel empowered valued and have job satisfaction.




Knows when to hand over the reins, when to back away,

Employs their own skills strategically,

Delegates responsibility,

Team are clear and on-side with management’s expectations,

Employees feel valued and empowered to assume new responsibilities and feel a part of the organisation – take ownership of the enterprise and pride in being a part of it.


Getting the best from your employees is a skilful business, not making the most effective use of your skilled workforce however is wasteful of your human resources. Management is a skill to be learned and developed, leadership is also a skill to be honed and improved, successful development of personal leadership skills is the key to professional management.


Take the People Matters HR Quiz today and see what style of leader you are.

Click here to take the quiz! 





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