Countdown to 2400: Empowering Bury through the Made in Bury Weekly Draw
16th August 2023
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In the heart of Bury, a unique initiative is inspiring the community – the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw.  Every Wednesday somebody wins £2000. 

With the ticket count currently standing at 1960, this initiative is inching ever closer to a significant milestone: 2400 tickets.

The excitement surrounding the Made in Bury Draw is palpable as residents and supporters recognise the impact of their involvement. With each ticket purchased, individuals become part of a movement that's helping shape the future of Bury's business landscape. The journey from 1960 to 2400 signifies not just a numerical progression, but a step forward in fulfilling the vision of 'Helping tomorrow's businesses today.'


The number of 2400 isn't just about statistics; it represents a collective effort to fuel the growth of local businesses, foster dreams, and create opportunities.

As the ticket count climbs, the Made in Bury Draw showcases the potential that lies within a tight-knit community. The draw isn't just about the chance to win £2000 every week; it's about investing in Bury's growth. The funds generated from this initiative are reinvested to nurture enthusiastic startups through the Made in Bury Business Academy.


Every year, the Business Academy helps 20 new start-up businesses here in Bury. Delivering a structured 10-month coaching and mentoring program, with help from other successful Bury business owners and industry experts, together ensuring that Bury's business ecosystem thrives. 

The Made in Bury Draw doesn't stop at mentoring. It reaches further by providing interest-free loans to businesses in the borough, enabling them to expand, innovate, and generate employment opportunities. The impact of these loans isn't just financial; it's about building a sustainable economy that supports the dreams and aspirations of local entrepreneurs.

Once the milestone of 2400 is reached, a waiting list will be introduced, signifying the draw's power of collective action and local support. 

Made in Bury isn't merely an initiative; it's a symbol of progress and resilience, reminding us that by participating, by investing, and by supporting, the people of Bury are actively shaping the future of a beloved borough.

So, whether you're already part of the Made in Bury Draw or considering joining, remember that every ticket purchased isn't just a chance at a prize, but a chance to contribute to the future success of Bury's businesses.

As the count moves ever closer to 2400, it is a reminder that people of Bury are making a difference to the town that they live in. 

To learn more about Made in Bury and the weekly draw, click here.


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