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6th May 2016
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Winding down after a week at work can often be difficult, as we find that we’re suddenly inundated with a huge pile of life admin which we’ve been avoiding all week. Whether it’s keeping on top of your bills or ensuring the house doesn’t look like a pig sty, the relaxing weekend we’d been looking forward to suddenly disappears in front of our very eyes.

Admitting that we need help sometimes can be difficult. But sometimes just crossing one job off the list can help tremendously, which is why we recommend Brightway Cleaning. Their services not only include keeping on top of the housework for you, they extend to dog walking, ironing and even the weekly big shop!

Steve and the team provide all cleaning fluids, materials and machinery which may be required, so that’s something else you don’t have to worry about! The team work quickly and efficiently to minimise the amount of disruption to you and your home. To make sure that you’re happy with the service you’re receiving from Brightway Cleaning, they will organise regular feedback sessions with all clients to re-asses your needs and ensure they’re doing the best job they possibly can.


So with that in mind, can you imagine the freedom you’ll have to enjoy the weekend when you’re not worried about what debris might be lurking under the sofa, or what you’re mum’s going to say about your pet dust bunnies the next time she comes round?! You’ll be able to tackle that tax return, grab control over the garden and prepare all of next weeks meals with plenty of time left over to see your friends, crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy a day out with the kids.

Don’t let your weekends be consumed by housework, contact the friendly team at Brightway Cleaning via the blue box below to find out more on their cleaning services and see how they can help take some of the weight off your shoulders.

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