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Walshaw Aerial Services can provide everything from the obvious aerial installation through to wall mounting of TV's, right through to CCTV for your security and peace of mind.
Mitchell from Walshaw Aerial Services can assist you when changing your television set around, safely and professionally.
If the new TV you bought on Black Friday or was gifted for Christmas is sat on a surface or stand, think of how much more space you could save by putting this on the wall.
Is your TV image fuzzy and unclear?...
Don't spend hours trying to wall mount your TV....
Mitchell and his team have a vast knowledge of the local area and can help your home to find the strongest television signal....
If you find that you’re experiencing bad or no signal at all this winter, make sure you call Mitchell at Walshaw Aerial Services.
TV trouble?...
It's a new season of BGT and GoT, but have you got the best TV system installed for the best viewing experience?
In this blog for Walshaw Aerial Services, we're discussing the problems you may face with your TV's reception and how to improve it!
It's sometimes difficult to know who you can trust when it comes to choosing any trade these days so it's reassuring to know that Walshaw Aerial Services, Bury is a local name that you can rely on for good old fashioned, honest service.
Wall mounting your TV might be good for your pub regulars, customers and family but it isn’t good for your back, which is why you need Walshaw Aerial Services!
The worst thing to happen during an end-of-season finale is a bad reception....
Don't let a bad reception ruin precious Christmas television viewing!
Don't struggle mounting your TV onto the wall....
Put your feet up, relax and enjoy your favourite television shows with the best digital signal reception, thanks to Walshaw Aerial Services
Bad weather in autumn and winter can ruin your TV viewing, so make sure you're prepared with a visit from Mitchell at Walshaw Aerial Services.
Getting Sky TV in another room is easy with Walshaw Aerial Services - Mitchell offers this service for just £75 and will even provide a free remote control!
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