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A warm and friendly group that has great contacts for a true networking experience and one that leads to business opportunities. As a new member I feel valued, supported and always leaving feeling motivated. Being a maker can be a lonely experience therefore meeting this group of women regularly is an absolute pleasure, it doesn’t matter if you’re a sole trader or the director of a large company, all are welcome.
I do a lot of networking and absolutely love this one. Joined straight away, Excellent! Informal and friendly atmosphere. Very relaxed but with great networking opportunities.
Brilliant morning networking group with a wonderful set of women. Plus the spread is great!
Excellent! Informal, friendly and great food and drinks. Good networking opportunity.
Great morning, really enjoyed it and met some lovely people. Will be in touch.
Very welcoming, a great networking opportunity and would love to come again. Thanks ladies.
Really welcoming, fun and informative with enjoyable activities and interesting people who offer help at Brunch Club.
Another fabulous Brunch today !! Of course the theme for food was Wimbledon !! The hot spot speaker was truly informative & the brunch club crew pencil in another social date - ladies lunch next week !! Bring it on 😁
I've been a member of the Ladies Bury Brunch network group for a year and I've got to say it's amazing. Truly inspirational women joining forces to help and advise each other, provide support and a motivation. Invaluable. Did I mention that as a group we also pass great business referrals ! This is a group that works. Thanks to each and every lady who is a member.
As a new member of the Brunch Club, it was great to meet so many ladies engaged in such a wide variety of businesses, all passionate about what they do. The atmosphere is so warm and friendly that it's easy to get to know people and the food is delicious! I would encourage anyone to come along and take the opportunity to meet this lively and interesting group.
Been brunching for a while now - & the theory most definitely works. Girls who network together, stick together. I have used the services of about 6 of my lady brunch'ers and have been happy to help around 5. Fridays were made for Brunch Club!
The exclusive, professional women’s networking Group is thebestofbury Brunch Club! An eclectic mix of like-minded business women, supporting each other and our fellow local member businesses and charities... I am so proud to be a founder member... we are all committed to empowering women entrepreneurs by providing opportunities to embrace and enhance our unique strengths in a welcoming environment (the food is great too!) This group is full of smart, fun, and hard-working women. Debi Fellone, supported by Kate Holt and Juliette Davenport, have created a forum for working women to support one another in all aspects of their busy lives. Their focus is to introduce talented women to one another and help them utilise their unique talents in connecting each other to other companies or individuals to help them springboard their businesses to the next level. I would highly recommend Brunch Club to any women working in professional companies or to women business owners in Bury.
A warm, friendly welcome always awaits you at Brunch Club and it is a very supportive environment where you can get support with presenting issues and gain new professional contacts. Brunch Club offers so much more than other networking events, for me I love it, that time is spent getting to know the person behind the business and that's what really adds value to the contacts you make, on both a professional and social level. Debi, Juliette, Kate and the rest of the rest of the team do a wonderful job of looking after everybody, everything and making every brunch club special.
I joined the Bury Brunch Club in October 2014 when I set up Sport Works (Gtr Manchester) Ltd. Working from home and for the majority of the week alone, the Brunch Club has enabled me to meet new and inspiring people and start to building relationships with other successful business women in the Bury area. I was made to feel welcome from the outset by Debi and her team and have had the opportunity to share experiences of setting up your own business, enjoyed a variety of presentations by the group and had some great brunches.
Since joining BC I have met loads of like-minded ladies and I have thoroughly enjoyed every visit. The brunch meetings are well organised and interesting and the food is always amazing. Debi is an excellent host and joining the BC has already been well worthwhile for my business.
I’ve attended Brunch Club for around 7 months and find the format relaxed and friendly. Run by Debi (thebestofbury) and Kate & Juliette (Bury BusinessLodge) it is a professional ladies only network group that works and where business relationships are formed, together with friendships. I look forward to the Brunch Club meetings. It’s professional, it’s relaxed and it works. Ladies who do business do brunch.
Brunch Club is an interesting and outgoing event. Lots of energy which is a nice change.
A really enjoyable, relaxed networking event with like minded business women. I look forward to attending!
Fabulous networking event and a great concept. A great way to meet new business contacts in a relaxed friendly environment.
I really enjoyed meeting some like minded business women. It was a really fun and enjoyable meeting.
I really enjoyed the meeting and atmosphere. I met lots of new, nice ladies and others I knew too.
Met a range of women in business who I would not normally come across in my "usual" networking activities - useful, fun and stimulating sums up my experience so far!
Great fun, informal networking. Enjoyed women only as it's not all about business but supporting each other as well
Fantastic environment to share ideas, knowledge, contacts and lots of laughter.
Fabulous and good fun - The Brunch Club is women's only networking at its best.
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Ladies who “Brunch”!

Here in Bury there’s a networking group with a difference, it’s called Brunch Club and it welcomes ladies from businesses of all shapes and sizes from across the borough of Bury. Read article