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Gemma S
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I have been working in primary education as a classroom teacher for over 15 years (including 7 years as SENCo). This is where my passion for developing Growth Mindset and Habits of Mind began. I saw very quickly through role modelling the principles of these two areas of research, how implementing the theories, can impact on an individual's belief, attitude and focus towards learning and life. My mission now, since leaving the full time classroom arena back in September 2018, is to share my knowledge and experiences to empower individuals to think differently and cultivate a passion for learning, no matter what your age or position, whilst improving their mental health and wellbeing.

Now, life is very different. Along with my business partner, Elizabeth Cronshaw , Grow Your Mindset has created a whole range of exciting training experiences, engaging workshops and resources for both educational settings, businesses and organisations to access, with a hope of driving the importance of mindset across the North West and beyond!