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In October 2016, Michael Jackson said:
My dentist is thorough and does excellent work for me on my teeth. All staff are pleasant and give me good customer service.
In October 2016, Rachel said:
Great service, friendly, efficient and was in and out in a flash!
In October 2016, Ruth Stedwick said:
Paul. 5 stars
In October 2016, James Bexter said:
Great easy to use clinic. Had no problems and offers advice.
In October 2016, Andrew Hebblethwaite said:
on schedule and efficient appointment.
In October 2016, Dean Hepburn said:
5 star service!
In October 2016, Alan Kay said:
5 star. Always attend at this address. Very good care.
In October 2016, Victoria Kay said:
Very pleased with the word and the staff. Would highly recommend, thank you. (5*)
In September 2016, Martin Ashton said:
I have found this service excellent and the staff very competent.
In September 2016, Susan Phillips said:
Paul is fantastic. 5 stars
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