Shoulder of Mutton

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In December 2020, Charlotte Hartley said:
Superb Pub! Love it here! Friendly staff and great service.
In September 2020, Michael Greem said:
Service vgood. Lovely pub, good choice ofreal ales and lots of other drinks
In September 2020, Anna & Chris said:
Great service and food
In September 2020, LucindaGargan said:
Food was great!
In September 2020, Elizabeth Lee-Woolfe said:
Lovely food, attentive staff, safe environment!
In September 2020, Lesley Harrison said:
Very pleasant!
In July 2020, Patrick O'Reilly said:
The waitress was very friendly and helpful. Good atmosphere (Chloe particularly)
In July 2020, Paul Richards said:
In July 2020, Peter Phile said:
10 stars!
In July 2020, Ian Lamb said:
In July 2020, DamienGraham said:
In July 2020, Daniel said:
In July 2020, Michael C said:
Under the circumstances very organised,lovely food. Well done to all staff!
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