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Mark Carnighan is a Business Growth Specialist working with companies in the North West to provide a crucial boost to catapult them to the next level. He has more than three decades worth of experience in high growth companies, working with them to clarify their needs and goals to ensure success.

For many business owners, working in their business rather than on it is very much the norm.
It's a sad but true statistic that 80% of businesses will fail in their first five years. Mark works with you to develop and increase your confidence, and works on systems and strategies to deliver sustainable growth for you and your business to ensure that you don't fall into that statistic.

As a business coach, Mark has seen first-hand the obstacles that businesses encounter and how growth is achieved. Over the years he has developed a deep-seated hunger to be the person who provides the resources that turn companies from good to great.

Wouldn't it be great to step outside of your comfort zone, develop your confidence and push yourself to build a bigger, more successful business?
Understanding your business through listening to your objectives and understanding that each is unique,
Mark will build a bespoke plan to ensure that you can take the relevant steps not only to succeed, but to exceed your goals and expectations. The objective; to spend less time working on your business whilst remaining successful, spending more time with your family, and putting the fun back into your daily life, in both work and pleasure.



Working with you to achieve more
Working with a business growth specialist allows you the opportunity to achieve your maximum potential
whilst working on your personal development, in order to drive success. Mark works with you on five key areas which include sales, marketing and advertising, team building and recruitment, systems and business development and customer service.

Programmes are developed around you and offer a number of options which include planning, one to one coaching and the Action Club.
All programmes will empower you with a drive and determination to focus on what's really important to make your business a success. They'll include hiring, developing and retaining the best people,
developing loyal and profitable customers and how to increase your lead generation and conversion skills.

By embracing the opportunity to work with Mark at MMSC, you are making the decision to succeed.
From day one you will be steered in the right direction to ensure that you achieve your goals and be accountable to your commitments. Through strengthening your leadership skills you will stretch yourself and achieve more, focusing on what's important you, to use your time more effectively and in turn, out perform your expectations.

Mark works with businesses of all size from sole traders to corporate companies and his results are exceptional. You can view just one of the success stories via the video below.

If you'd like to find out more or invest in your business by working with MMSC call Mark directly and take the first step to your future success.

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Grow and develop your business with Mark Carnighan, Business Growth Specialist

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