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Kresko Ltd, Bury is a specialist eCommerce & app development agency. They specialise in eCommerce solutions that showcase your products and services using Magento, the worlds biggest eCommerce provider as well as hosting and the development of mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

 Kresko Ltd are a Magento Development company that offer eCommerce solutions to businesses of all nature, whom require an online store from which to showcase and sell their products.

Your website is your shop window, and non-more so than if you’re an online retailer with a product that needs to be noticed, easily accessible and available 24/7. 

Each opportunity with Kresko begins with a consultation in order to fully understand your business, it’s products and services, your expectations and long-term goals.

The development team at Kresko will look at various options that suit the individual requirements of your business and in turn develop a site that performs all of the necessary stages of a process that allows a smooth transaction for the end user; your prospect or client.


All of Kresko e-commerce sites are fully scalable, allowing movement for growth with your business.  With Kresko L you are investing in a product that is bespoke to you, but with all of the flexibility that you require to keep it moving forwards.  As your business grows and develops, so should your website.  Each eCommerce site built by Kresko is flexible to accommodate any changes that your business requires; no paying twice because your business has outgrown its existing platform.

One in four businesses choose Magento as their chosen platform when looking for a high performing, professional website for their eCommerce store.  Magento are in fact the number one eCommerce platform in the world, working with some of the largest global brands.

Customisable sites

eCommerce sites from Kresko are fully customisable, allowing opportunities to add additional modules as and when they may be required.

Each comes with the ability to add categories, configurable products such as size or colour and PDF’s.  Additional products may include features such as multi -buy purchases which offer a discountable pricing structure or virtual memberships.

Magento sites offer the opportunity to become fully integrated, linking them with third party platforms such as eBay to allow central order processing, meaning that everything is in one place for ease of use.


Hosting is also available with Kresko.  If you have an existing site that isn’t performing and you feel that the speed and security could be improved, Kresko can assist. The teams’ wealth of knowledge is second to none in ensuring that your site meets full performance and your business meets no downtime and loss of profit. 

Mobile apps for your business 

With demand growing for mobile technology and downloads reaching excess of 300 million per day across both the Apple App and Google Play Store, there's never been a more important time to have one developed for your own business. 

Using the latest development tools, Kodisto will build you an app that suits you. The app can be fully integrated with your website, pull content through, or be stand alone. 

Kresko provide a free, no obligation consultation to fully understand you, your business and your requirements, in order to provide you with the very best from your application should you wish to proceed.


Many big digital agencies simply won’t get out of bed for less than a supermodel salary nowadays. The good news is, with Kresko Ltd that’s simply not the case. Their prices, as well as their websites are flexible and offer an affordable pricing structure.


Owner and developer Graeme has previously worked on big name projects with companies such as Missguided and and is well versed in Magento development.  He brings large company knowledge and experience to your business with development skills that meet your every demand.

Graeme is currently working with VASHI, a leading diamond jewellery omni-channel retailer based in London. Each store has a resident craftsman who hosts a fully-immersive retail experience where customers get directly involved in creating their jewellery, from selecting their own diamond all the way through to setting the stone.

If you’d like more information on how Kresko Ltd can help your business, please call Graeme on 0161 451 3196 or follow the links above.



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