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People often think that during Autumn our gardens start to wind-down and go to sleep until Spring....
Kernel Horticultural Services owner Jasper Hirst brings together his deep understanding of horticulture and construction with a love of design....
Kernel Horticultural Services are here to offer some great ideas on how to get the most out of your outdoor space, no matter how large or small it is!
Winter Garden Maintenance is important to maintain the health of your garden!
General maintainance of hedges and shrubs is all in a days work for the experts at Kernel Horticultural Services.
Garden drainage is essential after wet weather....
The trees are shedding leaves as Winter fast approaches - learn how your garden can benefit with Kernel's help.
Get to know Kernel and how they can help to transform your outdoor space.
In the warmer months, keeping your lawn in good condition can be difficult....
Get your garden ready for the upcoming cold weather with Kernel!
If you plan on travelling far and wide this summer, make sure you make plans to care for your outdoor space!
Knowing your plants and indeed where to locate them in your garden can be quite a challenge....
Get out and enjoy your garden this summer with the help of Kernel and enjoy a stunning outdoor space all year round.
Whilst some of us may believe that when the cold spell hits it's far to chilly to be cutting back, this is simply not the case....
How to make the most of nature in your garden....
Weeds,they get through event the tiniest of crevices and stones and before you know it your garden is overrun with the little devils....
Whether you're looking to transform the exterior of your commercial property or would like an ad-hoc or regular maintenance service, contact Kernel Horticultural Services.
We spoke to Kernel and asked what we should be doing in our garden's right now, Here was tip number one (and two).....
Find out how you can have a beautiful, low-maintenance seating area with Kernel Horticultural Services!
In this blog for Kernel, a Bury-based firm of dedicated gardeners, we're detailing what you SHOULD be doing to your lawn during this time of year to ensure it’s healthy, thick and looking fantastic.
Did you know that now's the season to prepare your garden for spring?
Jasper and the team are looking for an experienced gardener to join their successful team....
Kernel are firstly "true gardeners", who are here to maintain and brighten up your outside space through their extensive range of horticultural services.
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50 Validated Reviews
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In March 2019
Maureen Lewis said

Worked hard, did a very good job. First time here - Well done.