Connect Electric (Bury) Limited
  • 368 Bury New Road
    M45 75Y
With over 20 years experience, Connect Electric (Bury) Limited have the experience and knowledge to undertake a number of jobs including the installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Points and solar panels, for both commercial and domestic clients.

This local business vows to provide each customer with a service of the highest standard. Connect Electric (Bury) Limited are honest and reliable tradesmen, and carry out all jobs with minimal disruption.

Customers can rest assured that this local business is also fully qualified and insured.

Each installation generally takes around a day and Connect Electric (Bury) Limited offer competitive prices on every job.


Connect Electric undertake a number of electrical projects for commercial clients. Chris and his team are fully qualified and experienced electricians, offering an exceptional service.

Just some of the services that Connect Electric (Bury) Limited provide are:

  • EV Car Charging points - Commercial and Residential
  • Full rewires
  • Inspection and testing 
  • Service contracts
  • CCTV - Commercial
  • Solar Repairs and Inspections - Commercial and Residential
  • Solar Installation- Commercial and Residential
  • Battery Energy Storage


Solar Panels

Connect Electric (Bury) Limited undertake the installation of solar panels. By converting sunlight into electricity using Solar Photovoltaic panels, customers could receive a substantial additional income - even in the UK!

The panels are renowned for generating electricity silently and without any pollution. Solar panels are made up from two lines of silicone.  An electrical DC charge is created when the panels are exposed to sunlight. This is then converted to AC using an inverter and supplied to your property.


The feed in tariff is unfortunately no longer available.  It has been replaced with the Smart Export Guarantee.  But with export tariffs around 5p variable and cost of buying energy at around 15p. There is more of an incentive to store unused energy in batteries to be used later making full use of generated power. Batteries are now more affordable, simple to install and do not interrupt your power supply. 

Batteries are simple to retro fit or install as part of a new PV system.

Batteries can also be installed even if you don’t have solar.  Customers make use of cheap night-time energy tariffs charging batteries at low tariff off peak times and using the energy at peak.

Solar Service

If your having problems with your system, whatever the issue we can help and get you back up and generating no matter what size system you have.



Electric vehicle charging points

Connect Electric are registered installers for electric vehicle charging points.  Charging points can be installed at your home and grants are available towards the installation. Smart charge points can be app controlled and come complete with a 3 year warranty.


Along with the 3 year warranty, an annual safety check is available from Connect Electric (Bury) Limited to ensure that your solar panels are in a good condition. This local business will also clean the panels for you!




Connect Electric (Bury) Limited have received the government’s Trust Mark accreditation as well as Safe Contractor, awarded to reliable and trustworthy tradesmen who are operating to government standards.

This local business is a member of the National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT).


368 Bury New Road
M45 75Y 

M: 07979 500025
T: 0161 766 6848

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