The Safe Place Scheme

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A fantastic initiative has been launched across Bury to ensure that vulnerable people can quickly access help as and when they need it. The Safe Place Scheme works with vulnerable people and businesses to help people who feel scared, confused or alone find a place they can be seated, calm down and contact their family or carer for help.

Who is a vulnerable person?

Anybody can feel vulnerable at times, some more than others. You may consider yourself a vulnerable person for a number of reasons, including (but not limited to):

- Autism

- Learning disability

- Age 

- Physical disability

- Dementia/Alzheimers

There are many reasons why you may feel vulnerable, simply get in touch with the Safe Place Scheme using the details at the side of this page to find out how they can help you.

You can become a card holder and pick up your card at the housing assessment unit attached to the Town Hall.

Why might I need the Safe Place Scheme?

If you are out and about, and suddenly find yourself, lost, confused or scared, you need somebody who understands, and who can provide a place for you to calm down and get your bearings as they contact a relative or friend on your behalf.

You can apply for a Safe Place Scheme holders card, which has important details on it, such as your name and the phone numbers for three contacts who can be called if you find yourself in a bad situation. It can often be hard to recall these details when you're in the midst of a panic, so having them on the card is a great way to provide the information needed to get help.

When you become a cardholder, you will receive a small pack which will include your Safe Place Scheme card and a list of Safe Place venues. We will keep you up to date with new Safe Place venues on our website.


Where are the Safe Places in Bury?

There are a variety of Safe Places in Bury, and they will have a sticker on the window or door which informs you that they have been trained and approved by the Safe Place Scheme. The network is always growing to ensure you can access a Safe Place quickly, but itâs a great idea to scope them out and make a note of where they are in case you get stuck.

All of the libraries in Bury are part of the Safe Place Scheme, along with all of the Leisure Centres and Swimming Pools.

The Mill Gate security team have been trained and can provide a Safe Place for you there.

Elmhurst Short Stay Unit (Whitefield)

Elton Community Centre 

Green Cafe (Clarence Park)

Grundy Centre (Bury)

Haymarket Day Centre

Housing Assessment Service

Millercare (Bolton Road)

Minden Family Practice (Moorgate Centre, Bury)

Neurological Physio (opposite Castle Leisure Centre, Bury)

Pinfold Lane Centre (Whitefield)

Red Bank Medical Practice (Church Street West, Radcliffe)

Spurr House Short Stay Unit (Unsworth)

Sunnybank Community Centre

Whittaker Lane Medical Centre (Prestwich)

Woodbury Short Stay Unit (Whitefield)

We'll keep updating this page with other businesses which become a Safe Place.


Can my business become a Safe Place?

The Safe Place Scheme is always looking for businesses in Bury to become part of the scheme, and it's really easy to do so. Simply email Peter Miller on, in doing so you will be of great value to your community and the people of Bury.

You will receive ongoing training and support as part of the scheme to ensure that all of your staff are capable of caring for a vulnerable person, should they come in.

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