14th May 2013
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David Ruffley has endorsed our campaign, this is what he said: “We need to learn from other areas that have bucked the trend of empty shops and declining parades. With every-one committed to supporting local business, combined with a loyal and active community, we can do the same.... What Good Does Buying Locally Do? 1. It stimulates Bury's economy. If you shop in our local shops, it helps to keep the money that you spend within the local area, rather than go elsewhere. 2. It helps local people keep their jobs. Most people who work in local businesses live in or around Bury St Edmunds. By buying from these places, you help your neighbours keep their jobs and that benefits your whole community. 3. Local businesses give back locally. Often our local businesses support our schools by donating gifts and goods to raise money to buy equipment and games that we would not otherwise be able to afford. By supporting these businesses, we can help ensure that they can support the community. 4. It's good for the environment. Less car emissions occur when you are doing your shopping a short distance away (you could even walk or ride your bike, like me!). If enough people buy locally, the local shopkeepers can get a good idea of what people in our area want and buy regularly and they can also source their goods locally. If you're buying locally grown food, it’s really good for the environment because you're helping the small farmers keep their farms operational instead of shutting down and selling to developers. 5. It promotes a sense of community. If you want to get to know people in your community, supporting your local businesses is a great way to do that as you can have a chat on the way to or in your local shops with all your friends and neighbours – which makes you feel really good! Well it works for me.
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hello there, I am the owner of the Best of Bury St Edmunds and my aim is to keep all local people informed about the better businesses in our lovely town and make sure the businesses on this directory...

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