Was everything that happened in 2014 all your fault?
24th December 2014
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Today most businesses in Bury St Edmunds will be packing up their offices for the festive break to enjoy time with their loved ones. For many business owners, it is our families that give us the drive to do what we do. We make many personal sacrifices throughout the year in pursuit of professional success, and in return we get to enjoy quality family time at Christmas and New Year.


But moving back to business matters, here’s a statement that you might not like to read at first glance, (indeed, the first time we heard it we were a bit put out): if you are a business owner, everything that happens is ALL YOUR FAULT.


Is your glass half empty or half full?

This message may hurt at first - until you get over the pessimist in you and see the ‘glass half full’ side of things. Yes, any mistakes you make are down to you, but don't beat yourself up about the things thst go wrong, because equally all the SUCCESS your business enjoys is also YOUR FAULT!

No one is perfect and, yes, there will be things you wish you could have done better; but at the very least you know what aspects of your business you need to work on. There is NOTHING we cannot learn, even though some of us only have basic skill sets, which can sometimes makes learning new skills difficult.


Learning is easier when you understand the topic

This was something that Miriam noticed when changing careers from working for the big boys in sales and marketing in London  to looking after her own sales and marketing in the small, divine town of Bury St Edmunds. When we started reading articles on how to use Twitter and Facebook, they might as well have been written in Latin!  But as time goes by we have got used to the terminology and the ever-changing world of social media. More importantly we know who to turn to for expertise and support. We are learning daily and are able to guide you to experts and local people who can guide us through this new way of working and sharing information.



‘Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.’

Francis of Assisi

Like-minded and focused business owners

It has been our privilege to be the voice of encouragement to some exceptional business owners in 2014, many of which have a much more impressive skill set than we do and only need our creativity, support and encouragement. Working as a community of "the best" business owners, we create a core of skill sets that members can dip into for advice and help us create a strong infrastructure that provides momentum to any business that needs to take centre stage and shine! So get involved and enjoy the ride through 2015. Book your slot for our ‘From Zero to 100’ show on the 5th March 2015 at the Athenaeum.


Why do geese fly in formation?

Geese fly in formation with the aerodynamic benefit of a flying wing but they make a lot of noise in doing so – that’s the geese in the formation willing their leader to keep driving them forward. They take turns at the helm so that no single goose runs out of steam. This is a little like thebestof Bury St Edmunds working in unison to achieve mutual success rather than beating ourselves silly going it alone.

If you are looking to fly in formation in 2015 why not give Michelle and I  a call to see if your skills will be mutually beneficial to other business members at thebestof Bury St Edmunds.  Our number is 07732669077 or find us on Twitter by searching for @bestofbse, where we are easily accessible.


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hello there, I am the owner of the Best of Bury St Edmunds and my aim is to keep all local people informed about the better businesses in our lovely town and make sure the businesses on this directory...

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