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1st February 2015
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Having trouble finding your own website on Google?

Cannot find the services online which you offer?

Never fear, -you like many businesses are battling for presence on all the major search engines.


The High Street Online


Think  of the internet in the same way of your local high street. There is only ever one or two prime locations normally occupied by a big store like Debenhams for example. These prime sites command the best footfall.



Your Virtual High Street


So your business is not in the same league as Debenhams or M&S  and you are happy in your side street where the footfall is less but the business rates are more affordable and your customers happily find you and call you a ‘hidden gem’.

 The only problem with that is you need more than the happy few that will hunt you down. There are likely to be others that want your products or services but how to get your business in their eye line? Unlike the actual high street you can create compelling content (street signs if you will) leading customers to your virtual door!


You can also research your customers to find what they like most and try to position your information in places they are more likely to look. For example an alarms company may publish an article about home security and quote local information from the Police. Educating a potential customer about their products but also providing a valuable service.



 SEO and Algorithms and Spam made easy


When it comes right down to it SEO is all about the words and how you use them on your website.

To rank for SEO, just repeating it over and over again will flag up as "spam" in the search algorithms but using regular English and create interesting articles that people read and share will help with your ranking.


SEO and thebestof Bury St Edmunds


What to expect when working with thebestof Bury St Edmunds as a Marketing Support Member: You will have your keywords monitored and optimised at least every 3 months to give you the best possible chance of ranking well. We are not a company that promises page 1 results but we are aware we already have members ranking for multiple keywords on page 1 of Google, Bing! and Yahoo.


We will also work with you to help you develop additional ideas for blogs this is a fantastic way to boost your business visibility and increase the amount of pages and keywords your business can be found.



How can we get Marketing Support?


If you think your business would benefit from working with us for much more than JUST SEO in Bury St Edmunds give us a call on 07732669077 and we can arrange to meet and discuss all the benefits available to our Marketing Support Members.


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