parking in BSE this Xmas
16th December 2009
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Parking tips to help your last-minute Christmas shopping


With just one more weekend to go before Christmas there's one thing that's guaranteed – Bury St Edmunds will be busy so here are a few tips to help you get to the town centre more easily!


Tip 1: Use the park and ride from Kempson Way on Moreton Hall or Olding Road, off Western Way, on Saturday and Sunday. There are regular buses from 10am and it costs just £1.50 for a car load of people.


Tip 2: Peak time is from around 11am to around 12 noon on Saturday, so if you can come earlier or later you'll avoid the heaviest crowds.


Tip 3: Avoid the busy car parks. Parkway surface fills up first then the Cattle market/arc car park and multi-storey. We put up barriers when they are full and let people in as others leave. By around 2-3pm the parking eases as there's a higher turnover of spaces.


Tip 4: Head for the spaces. Ram Meadow and St Andrews Street North had spaces last week even at peak times.


Tip 5: Enjoy the Christmas lights. By around 3pm, when it's getting dusky and the lights look their best, more spaces become available – and the park and ride's still available until 5.45pm.

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