month 3 of my Fat Loss Programme with Liam Brittan
13th March 2013
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I was getting a bit depressed as the scales read the same and yet I am sort of beginning to shrink in places… But Liam has told us that When getting his clients into shape he focuses on two things through their training and nutrition... stripping body fat while maintaining (and building a small amount) of muscle. hedoes this because muscle increases the metabolic rate because it needs more calories to function therefore you burn body fat faster. He told us girlies don’t be scared of this...we won’t end up looking like Arnie! . Let’s look at some simple facts... As you can see from the picture - 5lbs of fat is a hell of a lot larger then 5lbs of muscle. A lot people who lose weight quickly through rubbish diets tend to lose MUSCLE weight and not FAT weight as the body would rather lose muscle then fat. So the wa ywe do it with Liam’s Programme is a more sustainable way of doing things plus we will be stronger, fitter and your shape will look 10 x better. So I keep working out and measuring myself… More soon.

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