Do you like being photographed?
3rd November 2014
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Sitting in front of a camera takes many people well out of their comfort zone and is a place they will actively avoid. I know we are all encouraged to challenge ourselves and grow/improve from the experience, however being photographed is probably not considered to be something on our ‘bucket’ list of things to do and overcome!!

WHY? - well most people’s reasons for being in this category can be different, but nearly all of them believe it’s all down to them and there’s little can be done about it.

Imagine this – if you’ve found yourself in a conversation on this subject, imagine a change, imagine you could feel differently with the right help, guidance and photography experience – imagine you are never fazed about having your photograph taken again? Imagine how good it would feel and what would it take for you to get there? Imagine how many other things in your life it would have a positive effect on?

Caring about the person I capture – and truly wanting their confidence to have a well deserved kick up the hill, has brought me to develop a specially designed photography program, dealing directly with the apprehension so many people feel being photographed. It will guide you through a unique session, discover why you feel like this and provide the knowledge, understanding and photographs to change a pattern of thought many had previously considered unachievable.

The rewards are enormous – finding peoples natural and best expressions is key and achieved by working WITH clients, gaining their trust and setting them up to succeed.

Would this make a difference to you?

Penny Morgan

Tel: 0845 257 2038

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