Day 2&3 of my pre christmas cleanse
11th December 2015
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I have to write this morning on day 3 as I was not able to write this blog last night.

day 2 was fine as I discovered you can have FREE Food- certain fruits and veg, raw, which are low on the glycemic index. I added the fibre gel to a handful of spinach,a small orange and a small apple and water to my nutribullet- sizzed it up and had a deliicous drink which kept me going in those low moments, when i fancied something... missing coffee more than I thought and have woken up 2 days in a row with a bad headache.


All worth it as I weighed myself this am and I weigh 3 lbs less already. From now on it is going to be easy... except it's the weekend coming up. 
Waking up to the news that women in the Uk have to tackle obesity... is helping.

If you find this interesting contact Sue Hughes about the C9 programme.

Her mobile is: 07778304307

over and out till tomorrow. 

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