Caring for your Clothes
2nd October 2015
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Super tip for your end of season clothes from Farthings Dry Cleaners


Don't put clothing away with spills or stains on it, even if they appear to have disappeared. 

The warmth of a closet and exposure to the atmosphere can actaully help to set the stain - which is something you definately don't want to do to your favourite outfit. 

This is called "oxidation" and just like your half eaten apple turns brown when left in the atmosphere, so does that unseen mark of perfume, alcohol, deodorant and food mark that you just "brushed off".   

Don't forget also to cover your expensive, special outfits once cleaned so that they stay in perfect condition, protected from moths and ready for next year and many years to come!

These tips come from Farthings in bury St Edmunds, recently under new ownership


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