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The importance of Networking
The importance of Networking
Office Drinks restarts with Christmas Cheer on the 14th December. Have you tried this before?
What do you know about the Farmer's Club in the heart of Bury St Edmunds? Did you think you had to be a Farmer to be a member? Well here is some news about this gem in our town
The Green Duck Firewalk
The Green Duck Firewalk
A true test of our strength and endurance.... hopefully
Announcing a new team at the Best of Bury St Edmunds Exciting times lie ahead for the Best of Bury St Edmunds. Whilst we say a sad good bye to Michele Bailey we look forward to exciting times for us here at the Best of Bury St Edmunds
How many of us get into a complete panic at the mere thought of tackling the Christmas Shopping list? Read on for regular gift ideas you can purchase now.. bit by bit to take away the panic.
Keeping your clothes in tip top condition is key. Farthings are sending us wise tips. Here is another one
YOUR LOCAL SOLICITOR, MICHELLE ELLIS IS UK TOP RATED SOLICITOR You all know how at the Best of we love good reviews, especially when they are or one of our clients. So this is great news: Everyone loves to support local success stories so we’re proud to let you know that Michelle Ellis from Atkins Thomson has been named as UK Top Rated!
"Did you know that your duvets and pillows harbour millions of bed mites and worse! They feed on your dead skin and love the moisture laden atmosphere where they multiply profusely.
Where is this year going? Can you believe in one month's time it is Fireworks Night in Bury St Edmunds/
According to research by Tungsten, the average SME is owed £40,857 in unpaid invoices, with £20,937 of that total amount being overdue. An amount which, according to the 1000 companies surveyed, places 1 in 5 of those businesses at risk of insolvency.
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