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How to avoid holiday hair hell - and how to help hair recover in Brighton and Hove

Don’t let your couple of weeks in paradise turn into hell for your hair. Here are some simple ways to keep ‘holiday-hair’ at bay while you’re away, and give it a some much-needed TLC when you return to Brighton and Hove.

Healthy eating out options in Brighton and Hove

There is no shortage of great places to eat around here, and we all know the kinds of things to avoid - fish and chips, full-fat curries – need I go on? But where to get food that is the right side of fresh and fruity, without feeling like a deprivation?

Superfoods – myth or magic?

If chips are way down on your list of things you should be eating, and you are looking for foods that will wake you up, and boost your health, read on...

Splash out! Outdoor water fun and sports in Brighton and Hove

Whether you (and/or your kids) are knee-high, water-wingers or can cross the Channel under your own steam, there are lots of outdoor places - and ways - to cool down and try something new in the heat.

Health and wellbeing in Brighton and Hove

The sky has never been bluer over Brighton and Hove, and there has never been a better time to give your health and wellbeing a boost. Take a look at this guided tour of Brighton and Hove's excellent ways to chill, flex and bend and stretch yourself...

Dog-friendly Brighton and Hove

Whether you live here, or are planning a visit Brighton and Hove with your ‘man’s best friend’, the bestof team brings you some local options for accommodating, hanging out with, showing off, and pampering your pooch.

Gilbert & George – Brighton Museum& Art Gallery until 2nd September

Gilbert & George are a Turner Prize-winning artist partnership, who have created art and shared their lives together for fifty years. Visit their exhibition, now on at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.

Halloween Half Term Fun in Brighton

Watch out for these truly horrible happenings for you and your children in and around Brighton and Hove this October. Boo-tiful!

Halloween Events and Parties in Brighton and Hove

Updated for 2018: A list of some of the best Halloween parties, events and celebrations in the Brighton and Hove and Sussex.

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