Winter is coming are you ready?
5th November 2014
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Have you heard the headlines 100 days of snow is about to hit the uk, we are going to have the coldest winter in 100 years, but isn't that what we always hear this time of year.
So I had a conversation today about tyres and what to put on your car part worn, remoulds or New? I always go for new because to me its what keeps you on the road and as winter is certainly closing in I thought well my car isn’t really ready for winter.
Normally this time of year I empty the screen wash and replace with some winter screen wash, get the tyres checked and put a bag in the boot with some warm cloths and boots just in case it snows and or I get stuck in the cold.
All sorts of scenarios pop into your head about getting stuck in snow etc but there is a better way get a winter service from your local garage and make sure your car is in tip top condition and ready for winter.


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